Ape In Space (Cali Phenos)

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Elevate your experience with Apes In Space and let the journey to well-being begin.

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Explore new heights with Apes In Space – the hybrid weed strain designed for euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. Ideal for medical marijuana users seeking relief from depression, pain, and stress.

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2 reviews for Ape In Space (Cali Phenos)

  1. jpowersmc

    One of my fave strains for its potency, beautiful bright green buds with purple and lavendar hues, and skunky, gassy smell and flavor.
    The effects lean indica, and it is great for pain, stress, or simply to relax and listen to music. Keep snacks close. You can’t go wrong with this selection.

  2. Hughie

    This is some beautiful bud, great terps and a creeper high that lets you get things done if you don’t overindulge. Flushed and cured well, burns evenly with an off white ash. Best in a big fat joint, gets tastier with each toke.

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