El Chapo Og LSO

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Elevate your experience and discover true relaxation with El Chapo OG.

LSO is 100% organic soil, dedicated to sustainability, and soil regeneration. The soil never contacts chemicals or pesticides, we use other insects such as lady bugs to act as a natural pesticide. LSO drastically enhances the taste and quality of the plant. Compiled of premium compost, minerals, rock dust, fungi and bacteria for naturally occurring cultivation processes.

Flavor: Velvety, sugary draw, pungent, zesty finish with understated hints of fuel. Subsequent drags maintain a mellow profile, while further inhalation unveils traces of cedar and peppermint upon exhalation.

Combustion: The LSO (living organic soil) greatly enhances this choice, guaranteeing a leisurely, uniform burn, producing a compact, pale grey ash. Exceptionally pure smoke.

Living Soil Organic

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This potent indica boasts a rich earth and pine aroma, inducing feelings of relaxation, happiness, and sleepiness. Say goodbye to anxiety, pain, and stress as you unwind with this exceptional strain.

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2 reviews for El Chapo Og LSO

  1. Maria Zagordo

    Just when I thought the flower quality couldn’t be better, they sent me a unicorn with this one. The stickiness, the smell, the taste and the bag appeal are top shelf quality. I’d be so bold as to say this was one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked in 18 years. Quite reminiscent of the DoughBoy Pink from Captains Pink. I also ordered Platinum Rockstar LSO which was of equal quality. Highly recommend, worth the price tag!

  2. jpowersmc

    One of my favorite strains in Prohibition Farm’s lineup, El Chapo is everything an indica-lover would want in a strain: it’s beautiful, crusted in trichomes with varied hues, smells as good as it looks, tastes skunky and spicy, hits hard and fast, then keeps building for 10-15 minutes or more after the session ends.
    Smoke is clean and smooth, burns evenly and
    The effects are indica-dominant, but doesn’t lead to couch lock and sleepiness if taken in moderation. Effects are characterized by a swelling feeling of relaxation and contentment that starts in the belly and pushes outwards. Great for nausea, insomnia, aches and pains, or simply to make whatever you are already doing even more enjoyable.

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