Mac Donut

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The flavor profile dances with notes of sweetness and fruitiness, delicately complemented by hints of fresh vanilla and cookies, providing a sensory journey that beautifully enhances its calming effects.

New Batch : 12/03/24

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Introducing Mac Donut, a delectable Indica-dominant hybrid crafted from the fusion of Birthday Cake and Mac 1 strains. True to its name, Mac Donut delivers a mouthwatering flavor experience. Its lineage promises a harmonious blend of relaxation, euphoria, and happiness, coupled with uplifting sensations, leading to a tranquil, sleepy vibe.

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1 review for Mac Donut

  1. jpowersmc

    An excellent hybrid in a pretty package, Mac Donut is hard to go wrong with.
    It’s tasty and smooth-smoking, and comes on quickly with a sativa-like headiness and surge of energy. The indica in its lineage keeps the sativa-like effects from pulling you up to the stratosphere, but it’s still a great choice for creative types who enjoy indulging before they work, or for taking a nice walk in nature or the city streets.
    This girl brings the best of both worlds – the relaxation amd calm intrspection of an indica with the energy and right-brain stimulation that the best sativas offer.

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