Planet Of The Grape

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This strain boasts sizeable, densely-packed buds bursting with rich flavours and enticing aromas. Its striking purple and pink appearance is captivating. It has a potent yet well-balanced high making it appealing to seasoned cannabis users. Consumers have stated experiencing relief from anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


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2 reviews for Planet Of The Grape

  1. jpowersmc

    I bought this strain in a search for an addition to my “tasty” stash, which I try to fill with the most unique and delicious buds I can get my hands on.
    I rate it highly because it has a nice grape smell and flavor reminiscent of Grape Runtz, with a smooth, gentle smoke. Its potency and relaxing effects are pleasing, and it comes in dense, medium-sized nugs with a dark green and purple coloraton.

  2. Justin

    I gotta adjust my previous rating of 4/5. I’ve smoked it more over the last while and come to really appreciate its beautifully-colored buds, with green, blue, lavendar, purple, and even red/pink coloring.
    It smells of grape and berries and has a really tasty grape and berry flavor on the inhale, and a nice funky smooth exhale. Taste and appearance are really important to me and the appearance was always excellent, but it took a couple samples to realize just how special she is. So I’m change my rating from 4/5 to 5/5.

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