Unicorn Poop

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An evenly 50/50 blended hybrid from GMO cookies and sophisticated lady. A long lasting high of happiness and giggles, allowing you to be social and still providing a euphoric feel. Users feel support and relief of mood swings, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. The flavour is a blend of earthiness with sweet, sour, citrus fruits and berries.

Prohibition Farms in house grown.


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28g, 14g, 7g

1 review for Unicorn Poop

  1. jpowersmc

    Unicorn Poop is another trichome-crusted strain with longish, medium-sized buds that smell dank and skunky, with notes of citrus.
    I personally think this is an excellent medicinal strain, as it keeps one’s mood stable on the upswing (no sudden feelings of anxiety, paranoia, or bursts of energy/drowsiness) while delivering a potent effect that includes relief from nerve and muscle pain, an uplifting effect that provides some relief from feelings of depression, as well as anxiolytic and (later) sedative effects that are an excellent antidote to insommnia.
    I strongly recommend that sensitive smokers looking for a good medical strain check this out.

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