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Minimum order of $100 required.

  1. At Checkout upload your Government issue ID
  2. Visit our shop and find the products you want
  3. Add desired products and select quantity and/or variations and then add to your cart
  4. Visit your shopping cart to review your selected items and “Proceed to checkout” or select “Checkout” from our Main Menu
  5. Fill out the necessary details on the Checkout page – accuracy of information is important to ensure we ship to the right address etc!
  6. Click “Place Order” and you
    • You’ll receive a confirmation page and confirmation email with instructions to send an E-Transfer. We will Accept E-Transfer after reviewing Government ID provided.
    • We can refuse orders that fail to provide proper Government ID
    • We ship orders received next business day.
    • WE Ship orders with payment received by 11.59 PM PST for shipping the following day.

We are currently only available in Canada and will not ship to other countries.

We are available via email and respond as quickly as possible 7 days a week. We are all about customer service and being available for you our loyal Patients. info@prohibition-farms.com

We do not accept returns or exchanges and all sales are final. However if you’re not happy with the product on any level, we will make it right, please contact us at info@prohibition-farms.com.

Please do! We would be happy to have them. We started by word of mouth and want to continue to spread the news. Please tell your friends how “Clean” our medicine is and how flavorful and strong it is. Please feel free to post photos and/or comments on Instagram and share with everyone, let them know how our medical cannabis has helped you.

We process orders with payment received by 11.59 PM PST for shipping the following day. All orders in after midnight will not be shipped till following day. This means you will receive your tracking number by the end of the next day at latest. Keep in mind you won’t get tracking information until the end of the day after receiving your number when the courier scans your package. Effective immediately, we will now send tracking confirmation in email from Canada post.

This is most commonly caused by junk mail filters. Hotmail/Outlook has the most aggressive spam filters and most commonly filters us to junk.

Please check your junk mail


If you still haven’t received your package two days after the expected delivery date, please contact us via email. We can initiate a trace with Canada Post. This process can take up to 5 days and they will ship the package to you if they are able to find the package.

We’re not responsible for lost packages but will replace packages lost by the courier on a case by case basis. We will not replace packages marked as “Delivered” or if you provided the incorrect address upon purchase or if you declined insurance.

Sometimes packages can be mistakenly marked as “Delivered” by the courier prior to actual delivery and the package will show up 1-2 days later which is why we recommend waiting 2 days before contacting us.

This is likely human error on behalf of the courier. Postal workers may input the postal code incorrectly and route the package to the incorrect city. The result is a delay of 1-2 days before they correct the error and reroute to the correct destination.

Sometimes the package is being shipped on time but the tracking isn’t updated due to a missed scan at one of the checkpoints. This is quite a common occurrence. If you don’t receive the package within 2 days after the expected delivery date please contact us and we will initiate a trace with the courier.

We provide the tracking numbers once we have packed and dropped your package with the courier. Tracking information will be unavailable until the courier scans your package which is usually by the end of the same business day. Check later in the evening or the next morning and you’ll start to see information for tracking.

Shipping options are $25 flat rate to anywhere in Canada via XpressPost. $15 flat rate to anywhere in Canada via expedited. Both come with tracking but one is by plane and other by truck.


We currently only accept Interac E-Transfers. The vast majority of banks offer this service and it is extremely secure and reliable. Your order will be on-hold and you will be provided instructions to send us an E-Transfer. Once we have received payment we will process and ship your order.

Yes, we charge taxes they’re included in all of our prices so the price you see is the price you pay. We pay the taxes for you.

We process E-Transfers very quickly during the day in order to ensure orders placed and paid for before 8 AM AST are shipped out same day.

During the evening it can take several hours or up until the next morning for your transfer to be accepted. Please do not be alarmed or cancel the transfer as we will accept it and ship your order the next business day if you missed the 8 AM AST cut-off.

This is done via online banking or through most smartphone banking apps. Look for “Interac Email Transfer” and utilize the email address and secret question/answer that we provide you after checkout.

We will keep your order on hold until we receive payment. If you do not pay within two business days we may cancel your order. We can hold longer if valid reason is given in a email to info@prohibition-farms.com


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