How to Make Cannabis Tea

When it comes to consuming cannabis, many users prefer to do so via a beverage instead of taking a pill or capsule. After all, beverages are more fun than capsules and pills and can also help you socialize in addition to giving you the psychoactive effects that you’re after, and this is without mentioning the countless healthy benefits of cannabis tea, as described by the CNBS (The Definitive Online Cannabis Resource).

That said, not all marijuana teas are created equal. In fact, some can be quite harmful to your health if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are some key things that you need to keep an eye out for when looking for the right type of cannabis tea. After reading this article, you should feel confident in adding a new cannabis tea brand to your repertoire without worrying about accidentally exposing yourself or others around you to any harmful chemicals or toxins.

What is a Cannabis Tea?

A cannabis tea is a beverage that is made with marijuana. It can be made by infusing the plant itself or a variety of other ingredients like flowers, herbs, and spices. Cannabis tea typically contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

How to Make a Cannabis Tea

The first step in the process of making a cannabis tea is to select flowers that are high-quality and have been tested by a third party laboratory. The flowers should be dried and stored properly so they can remain flavorful. After selecting the right flowers, you will need to use some type of tool or utensil to break up the material into smaller pieces.

The next step is boiling water. This is where it gets a bit tricky because many cannabis teas require anywhere from six to twelve cups of water per one ounce of flower, but there are no hard rules here. A good way to start is with about two cups for every one ounce of flower. Although, if your tea has lots of fruits or herbs in it, you may want to start with more water than usual.

After boiling your water, place it into a pot of your choice and add your flowers and other ingredients such as honey or spices depending on what flavor you’re going for and leave it for 5 minutes. The next step after boiling your mixture is straining the liquid while adding lemon juice or any other highly acidic ingredient (this will prevent any unwanted preservatives from happening). Be sure that you have enough room in your pot for all the liquid content and then remove the mix from heat as soon as possible so that you don’t scorch or burn anything in the pot during this process. Finally, pour into mugs or hot cups!

Check for Safe Ingredients

The first thing that you need to do when looking for the right type of cannabis tea is to make sure that the ingredients are safe. Many people assume that as long as they look at the ingredients list and see cannabis listed, then it must be a safe product. This could not be further from the truth.

You should always make sure that the ingredients listed on your product are what you expect them to be. For example, if you’re looking for a cannabis tea with mint leaves in it, then the mint should be listed in large quantities and an ingredient list is necessary for any potential consumers to know that they can trust this particular tea mix. In addition, you should use caution when using any kind of cannabis tea. Just because it has some cannabis in it doesn’t mean that it is also going to have other products, like alcohol or sugar, in there as well.

Avoid Additives

When looking for the right cannabis tea, you must scrutinize the ingredients. For example, you must avoid any additives like high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. If a marijuana tea is made with these types of additives, it’s likely that they will also be found in other parts of their product line. In fact, as stated above, some companies may include these harmful ingredients in their entire product line.

Look for Specific Label Claims

It’s important to keep an eye out for specific label claims that indicate the tea has been made without any harmful chemicals or toxins. After all, it would be quite unfortunate if you were to drink a cannabis tea that had been made with harmful chemicals and then have a negative experience as a result. Of course, this is only one of the many factors that you need to keep in mind when deciding which cannabis tea brand to choose. You also need to consider the flavor profile of each type of cannabis tea and how they differ from one another.

There are two important things that you should do before adding a new cannabis tea brand to your repertoire:

1) Make sure that there is no harmful chemical or toxin present on the packaging (look for specific label claims indicating this);
2) Make sure to check out different types of flavors and see which ones suit your personal tastes best.


Cannabis has many benefits with some of the most common benefits being pain relief, nausea relief, and inflammation relief. There are many ways to consume cannabis including smoking, vaping, eating, and drinking. Make sure you pay attention to the claims on the label and the ingredients used in the products. It is also important that you avoid additives and other ingredients that may not be safe for consumption. Once that has been checked, make your cannabis tea by adding boiling water to your favorite ingredients and enjoy !

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