Supreme Octane

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This Indica has a long lasting, powerful high. It boosts your mood while also inducing calming and relaxation states with sedative effects, best consumed in the evening. For users who appreciate a pungent aroma, you will enjoy diesel and pine, with an enticing flavour. This strain aids in chronic pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

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4 reviews for Supreme Octane

  1. Jersh

    Omg it is supreme and damn potent,had me sleeping like a baby! Sticky dense buds nicely loaded with tricombs. That classic pine and earthy with some spice and diesel aroma . very similar flavor as the smell. Watch out for this one, take it easy if your expectations are an indica high only because the sativa kicks in well so be prepared for she a bit of a creeper.

  2. jpowersmc

    This is a great strain, well grown.

    The buds are medium-size, dense, with some purple hues in an otherwise dark-green nugget, covered in crystal.

  3. jpowersmc

    Whoops! Accidentally submitted my review before it was finished. Maybe an admin can merge the two?

    Continued from: covered in crystal.

    Prohibition Farms has dank-ass nugs and this beautiful lady is no exception: dank enough to bring you to tears, with pine, citrus, skunk, and fuel all mingling nicely. The taste is clean and mild, but complex and nuanced. Really nice work.

    Potency is up to Prohibition Farms’ high standards. Shit is STRONG and medicinal. Great for nausea, pain, and relaxation/stress.

    Another great score from the Farms!

  4. Bob

    Wow the smell is insanely gassss. So sticky almost like glue. One of the best gas I ever smoke

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