Guava Casquitos (In House Grown)

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Treat yourself to a taste of paradise and elevate your cannabis experience with Guava Casquitos today!


Introducing Guava Casquitos, the sensational offspring of Animal Cookies and Guavaz. This unique hybrid blend offers a mouthwatering fusion of flavors and effects.

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28g, 14g, 7g, 112g QP

1 review for Guava Casquitos (In House Grown)

  1. jpowersmc

    A lovely strain, both aesthetically and in terms of smell, taste, and effect. It’s a nicely balanced hybrid that leads with the sativa and finishes with a pleasant sense of relaxation and contentment.
    Long-lasting effects and a smooth, tasty smoke make this an excellent choice for anyone who likes a nicely-balanced hybrid.

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