Cherry Blaster

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This stain is highly sedative and is best saved for late evening or nighttime use. The high starts with an uplifting rush of euphoria that leaves you completely happy and carefree, suddenly melting into a state of extreme relaxation that is accompanied by a powerful but mellow body buzz.

✔️ 3g of concentrate
✔️ Organic base
✔️ Solvent-free
✔️ No VG
✔️ No PG

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1 review for Cherry Blaster

  1. Bakedasf

    Solventless? Say less

    $60 (on sale) for 3gs of organic concentrate + no PVs/PGs = no harsh throat sting & the function is amazing. Battery lasts a long time and is ready to go out of the box. Although you should probably charge it after your 1st sesh. Flavour is tasty, not too overpowering or unnatural + there are tons of flavours. An absolute steal in my book 📖 ✅

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